How does [On Approval] work?
What subscription level should I choose?
Does the subscription fee go towards purchasing my artworks?
What if I want to rotate my artworks?
What happens if I need to end my subscription early?
Can I subscribe for less than 1 month?
Can I have more than one subscription?
What if I want to buy the artworks I have on subscription?
What if I need to move during my subscription?
What happens during installation?
What is your current service area?
Can I make changes to which artworks I’m subscribing to before delivery?
How quickly will I receive my artworks?
Can you provide a Certificate of Insurance for my building?
What is something doesn't fit through the door?
Will [OA] store or take away my other art I don't want?
Will [OA] move around furniture or paint my walls?
What happens during pickup?
How long can I keep an artwork for?
How do I schedule a pickup and end my subscription?
Can I just buy an artwork instead of subscribing?
Do you offer financing?
What are [On Approval] Enterprise Services?
What kind of companies does [OA] provide workplace art experiences for, and what does that mean?
How does [OA] work with interior designers, architects, and real estate developers & agents ?
Who are the [OA] gallery partners?
Who are the [OA] artist partners?
How do artists get paid?
Will [OA] eventually offer different levels for artworks?
Do prices include tax?
Where can I update my billing info?
When will my card be charged each month?
Do I need to sign a contract?
Does [OA] perform a credit check?
What does the [On Approval] artwork insurance cover?